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Thinking about a new website for your business? Typically there seems to be two extremes when it comes to web design. At the lower end; you can use a website building tool and template, hope you will be able to work out how to modify the website and shoe horn your content to achieve your objectives. Alternatively you can go to a web agency who typically use free open source software like Joomla or Wordpress; and pay anything from a few hundred to many thousands to have the website designed for you.

Trouble is, neither of these solutions provide a fully integrated business and marketing website! PLUS you're left paying for hosting, updates, fixes and new features which can get quite costly, for what is often, little more than a "Brochure-ware website".

Even for very small businesses, there is now a growing need to bring in-house business processes online. You might think "I don't sell products on-line" but you might offer appointments, training, subscriptions or membership services. It could make sense to give customers the ability to log-in, update their contact info, log a support ticket or maybe track progress of a project or order. And when you get customers to login, you have the perfect opportunity to present your latest relevant news and products, up-sell, make announcements, provide contract documents, service terms and so much more.

Perhaps you want to capture certain information from a web form, for example an accountant might need to collect company or employee tax information, why not make this easy for them? You benefit from that data being stored against the customer database record, which is both efficient, secure and reduces admin costs. In fact every time your customer interacts with your website, completes a task, makes a payment or clicks on an email campaign it's all automatically recorded against their CRM record.

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That's why we use Business Catalyst at the core of our web solutions, because it provides a complete on-line business solution that is fully managed and updated for you. You can start with just a simple low-cost website solution, implement a powerful marketing solution or upgrade to a complete ebusiness solution including eCommerce and a raft of other powerful features.

With the freedom to integrate our brand new Hybrid design technology into Business Catalyst, you'll pay less for your custom website, allowing you to save money or move more of your budget into accessing our skilled digital marketing team, so we can get to work on helping you succeed on-line, faster.

With a Commotion business website solution, you get all these benefits

Hybrid design technology built-in - get most of the features of a full custom website design, but without the high costs. In fact you can now have a complete business website designed and built and ready-to-use from as little £980 plus VAT

Content Management System - easily edit your website from anywhere, add new pages or features. Access a library of free training videos or call our support team direct when you need a little help.

Customer Database - An integrated contact management system, so you can build stronger relationships with your customers and track all their on-line interactions.

eMail Marketing - With email marketing capabilities built in, along with our next generation reporting, you can do some serious targeted email marketing.

Sell Anything Online - With eCommerce capabilities we can build you an on-line shop, allowing you to sell; products, digital downloads, events or manage subscriptions online, and collect payments in real-time.

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Search Engine Friendly - Your on-line business can be easily found via search engines

React Faster to Enquiries - You can get SMS and email notifications instantly when you have an inquiry or order come through your website.

Executive Insight - Get a birds-eye-view of your on-line business as soon as you log in, with integrated reporting.

Marketing Services – Take advantage of the Commotion Digital Marketing Team and a range of cost effective and optimised add-ons for your Business Catalyst site including; PPC landing page campaigns, copy writing, email marketing, ad-rotators with click-tracking, custom forms and calls-to-action.

Never worry about updates again - For a single low monthly fee everything is automatically updated and managed for you securely by Adobe themselves - one of the worlds largest suppliers of design and web software. So when there are new core features and system updates, it just gets taken care of for you, no need to pay a web developer - you just enjoy the extra business software features added and sleep sound at night.

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