Develop A Powerful Business Strategy

A strong digital marketing strategy is key if you are looking to invest in SEO, Social Media, Content Marketing or Paid Advertising.

What To Measure

What To Measure

Bsinesses are under-investing in digital marketing and wasting money because there is no clear strategy defined.

Commotion know it is essential to identify opportunities and measure performance so you can achieve a good return on investment.

Use Our Experts

Use Our Experts

Work directly with our Google trained consultants to develop a powerful strategy for your business.

Because a well thought out digital strategy will drive your business forward and put you ahead of your competition.

On-Going Support

On-Going Support

Commotion believe in comprehensive research and on-going consultation when producing your digital marketing plan.

Our campaigns are aligned with your business goals. We'll become a key partner in helping you develop your online businesses success.

Improve Profits

Improve Profits

We aim to improve your sales and return-on-investment quickly.

Our extensive experience of analytics and trends enables us to produce comprehensive reports and provide ongoing recommendations for the future.

Our Goals

Develop a digital marketing strategy focused on achieving good returns

Promote your business visibility online and in the search engines

Position your product or service to enhance its desirability

Deliver long term success by constantly analysing and measuring results and evolving your marketing strategy.

How it Works

The Commotion Digital Marketing Team provides customers with a range of key services such as SEO, Social Media, PPC, outbound and inbound Marketing.

Our flexibility ensures the use of our marketing services are tailored to your business on a monthly basis. Each customer chooses which of the marketing services are right for them, based on their company’s goals and which activities will bring the fastest returns. 

Working with our team on a monthly basis couldn't be simpler. First we'll develop a detailed digital marketing plan (your blueprint). Then we use the plan to start laying the foundation for implementing key services. You will work direct with your dedicated Business Consultant so you can be confident you're getting the best advice and value from us at all times. Your Business Consultant has unlimited access to all our specialists in development, design and marketing and can add or subtract different services from month to month to maximise your return-on-investment.

All of our Business Consultants have also undertaken the Google developed "Squared Certification in Digital Marketing". This means you can be extra confident in their ability to help guide your business to success online.

If you would like to learn more about how Commotion can help you be successful online, please contact us.

Don’t get left behind...

SMEs can unlock an additional £18.8bn of incremental revenue growth by optimising their use of digital technologies.

SMEs and charities who choose not to expand their digital offer will, over time, be left behind.

2014 study conducted by Lloyds Bank:



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