eMail Marketing

Whilst, social media is important for communicating, when it comes to building business relationships and communicating with your clients, the most "effective" medium is often email.

eMail keeps you in control with your contacts, allows you to personalise messages, measure response rates and regularly stay in touch with your customers and prospects.

Targetted eMail Marketing with Business Catalyst

With Business Catalyst's integrated CRM database building your customer database in the background, you can easily create targeted recipient lists and send personalised email marketing campaigns with just a few clicks.

Lists can be based on past orders, web form responses, forum membership and more. You can send over a matter of days or months, based on your customers subscription date, or custom date such as their birthday.

We'll show you how to create lists manually by individually adding customers, or importing lists from other applications via a simple spreadsheet format. We'll give you 10,000 email newsletters a month at no extra cost, you can create an unlimited number of campaigns, automate a series of newsletters and send as many newsletters as you like. And extra emails cost less than 1 pence per newsletter.

Targetted eMail Marketing with Business Catalyst

eMail Templates

Choose from a range of professionally designed email templates, and simply add your content. Or Commotion can design and build your own unique email templates for you to use. Once created, we'll take you through the simple process of adding content, selecting a list and sending the campaign to your customer base.

eMail Templates

What does it cost?

We offer a starter eMail management package from £395.00 plus VAT which includes customising a template to your own branding scheme and providing online training videos and one-to-one coaching. Once completed, you can then easily manage and run your own eMail campaigns in the future without further cost.

eMail Marketing Costs

The above eMail Marketing services are available to customers who have a website developed by Commotion Creative on the Business Catalyst Platform.

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