Conversion Rate Optimisation

Businesses invest in Search Engine Optimisation and pay-per-click advertising to drive more visitors (traffic) to their websites. But, if the conversion rate is poor, can the cost be justified?

Conversion Rate Optimisation helps businesses get more enquiries and more sales from their existing traffic, by improving conversion rates. If your current conversion rates are poor (number of website visitors vs. actual enquiries or goals completed), investing in Conversion Rate Optimisation is probably ideal for you.

Designed to deliver more business results

Does your website meet your business goals?

Conversion Rate Optimisation is about improving the effectiveness of your website pages to consistently generates new business opportunities for you.

How it works.

Before we get started, we first need to understand who your ideal customers are. We will also discuss your advantages; why you believe your ideal customers will want to do business with you and not a competitor.

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Key Steps

  • Agree what changes should be made and the best way to present this (copy, video, slides how etc.)
  • If one does not already exist, develop a call-to-action or goal. (For example; Obtaining an email address early and building a relationship might be more profitable in the medium term than trying to sell too quickly)
  • Our copywriters and journalists develop, write or refine the copy. Value proposition, clarity of communications, removing any anxiety or distractions and creating urgency are all considered.
  • Web page created, goals and code added and optimised by web team
  • Analytics are set-up to measuring Return-On-Investment for page
  • Ongoing measurement of goals achieved and variation testing (A/B split testing) for further improvement.
  • What are the benefits?
  • What would just a 1% improvement in conversion from your existing web traffic be worth to you? A good converting page can add £1000's in new business, month after month.

When you know your conversion rate it becomes much easier to grow traffic faster than you can achieve from organic search alone. For example if you start using Adwords to double traffic and pay £1 a click, find 10% of your clicks convert and you made £100 profit per conversion, then 100 clicks cost you £100 but you generated £1000 profit (10 x £100).

You get to understand what works and what customers want from you. By helping yourself, you help your prospects to become satisfied customers too.

When you increase conversion, you reduce the cost to acquire new customers. This allows you to make informed decisions about how best to spend your marketing budget.

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What does it cost?

It really does depend on many factors, so typically we will base our prices on the time required per page. Sometimes it's just a couple of hours to get things going, other times the web page/s need a complete overall. Conversion Rate Optimisation does requires effort to achieve good results plus ongoing testing to improve those results further, but once you achieve good results, the rewards can be substantial.

eMail Marketing Costs

Unfortunately, this service is only available to customers who have or are considering having a website developed by Commotion Creative. Because we constantly have to develop features and modify website code to maximise results, it's just not an efficient use of your money to do this on websites that we have not developed or are not familiar with.



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