Timesaving Marketing Tools for Busy Businesses

Timesaving Marketing Tools for Busy Businesses

Every business knows the importance of marketing, but it's often one of the things that gets rushed or forgotten when you don't have much time. So how can you keep it up when time, money, or resource is limited?

That's when you use some of the timesaving tools available, like these ones we've picked out...



Faster social media

Social media can be one of the most time-consuming digital marketing tasks (depending on how you use it, of course). Luckily it's also an area where plenty of tools exist to help you streamline your process. 

If posting your updates is what takes up your time, use a tool like Hootsuite or Buffer. They both enable you to schedule posts across different social networks, so you can spend a chunk of time to getting the entire week set up to post automatically rather than logging in and posting every day.

Each service has a free account, with different restrictions. Hootsuite only gives you 3 social networks on the free version, while Buffer only allows you to schedule 10 posts. Each has a range of paid plans that have much more flexibility, and they're not outrageously expensive -  Hootsuite’s Pro Plan is $6.99 a month, while Buffer’s Awesome Plan starts at $10 per month.

It's worth getting a free account on each and testing to see which works best for you - a timesaving tool will only save you time if it fits into your way of working. 

Creating content quickly

Creating interesting and relevant content is a key part of effective marketing, but managing to come up with new ideas each day, and implement them effectively, can be a headache. 

If ideas for regular blog posts are hard to come by, try the Hubspot Blog Topic Generatorcomes in. It’s a free tool that provides a week’s worth of content ideas based on 3 keywords that you submit. It’s a great way to get some quick ideas to kickstart your creativity - even if you don't use any of the suggestions, sometimes they're enough to spark a different idea.

If your problem isn't text-based content, but that you need to create more audio or visual content without blowing the budget, we have some other tools that you may appreciate. 

Audacity is an audio recorder and editor, allowing you to record your own professional-sounding podcasts and interviews - it's simple to use, but most importantly, it's also free.

If you want to create infographics, have a look at Piktochart for an easy drag-and-drop online editor. There are free templates to get you started (although they will have the Piktochart logo stamped at the bottom), or you can pay for a monthly account with access to more than 300 templates.

Curating content

Even when you're using timesaving content creation tools, there's still a value to content curation. If you have limited time and can't create new content on a daily or weekly basis, curation allows you to share interesting, useful, relevant content with your audience. You can share it with your social media followers or write up your own reaction to the topic as a blog post.

Don't spend your time tracking down this content though, because there are tools that can help you find and organise it. As an example, Feedly is a news aggregator. It sends you articles on a range of topics you selected, bringing in up to date content from thought leaders.

To organise the links you’ve found yourself, try Pocket. You can save the articles, videos, images and links you find, all in one place that you can access from your phone, laptop, tablet or desktop.


Automation services 

IFTTT - “if this then that” - doesn’t fit neatly into any of the boxes we’ve covered above, but many marketers and business owners rave about how useful it is and how much time it can save.

You create “recipes” - situations that trigger a defined outcome. For example, you can have a trigger that identifies when someone mentions your company online, sending you an email alert. Or you can automate the process of tweeting new blog posts - the trigger is hit when you publish the post, and IFTTT automatically tweets the link. 

It’s not just for social media, either. If you flag an email in your inbox, you can have a recipe to automatically schedule a reminder or alert. When you add an item to your calendar, you can have it added automatically to your to do list. 

There are thousands of recipes available to use, or you can create your own. If you’re using technology to achieve something, see if you can use IFTTT to automate the process.


Hopefully a few of the tools on this list will help if you've got no time for marketing but still need to make it happen. If you still need help, give us a call


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